William Lee Parker, PhD

In Fondest Memories…

Dr. Willaim Lee Parker began Parker Hearing Institute in 1945 with the dream to help people’s lives. For three decades, he dedicated himself to providing the most advanced hearing care available. But, more importantly, he strived to treat all of his patients with the attention and respect they deserved. That’s because he truly cared about helping his patients lead happier, more satisfying lives.

Dr. Lee Parker passed away on Sunday, September 1st of 2019 after a 12 year fight with cancer. He never gave up and will be remembered by all of his family and loved ones.

Parker Hearing Institute takes pride in Dr. Lee Parker and all the memories he created within the Institute and his patients. His memory will live on through his son Josh and the rest of his family As a company, we strive to provide the fullest and best service that Dr. Lee Parker set the prime example of.

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