About Parker Hearing Institute

At the Parker Hearing Institute, we’re ready to go above and beyond the call of duty for every client who walks in the door because that isn’t just what you want, but what you deserve. The products and services that we offer are designed to help improve communication between you and your loved ones, as well as help you deal with the stigma that comes along with hearing loss of all types.

We’re also ready to help you accept that you have a problem, which is the first step towards getting that problem taken care of and moving onward to the carefree life that you deserve.

Family History  

Josh and Lee Parker know exactly how important communication is and how hearing loss can dramatically affect all members of a family. Our founder Lee was the child of deaf adults, which is where the passion for helping others overcome these issues really comes from. His son Josh now runs the company and is the busiest provider. He likes to have as much fun as possible with his outgoing and irreverent family. The following video shows the founder, William Lee Parker, PhD discussing his upbringing in a deaf household.

Premium Club Membership

Our customers have been asking for more flexible payment options on our services. In 2017 we announced our new membership plan, where $39.95 per month covers your hearing health needs. Membership includes these advantages: World-class audiological services, Annual hearing evaluations, No physician authorizations needed, Discounted ear molds, Recalibration of aids and circuits, Ear wax checks, Discounted repairs, Free loaners with repairs, Discounted repairs and accessories.

We offer three ways to pay for our services: the Membership plan above, Pay yearly in advance ($500.) or Pay as you go (a la carte).

Some of our many customers are high maintenance aid wearers in that they incur many repairs due to moisture damage, or their aids get damaged by pets or children, etc. These customers will find the Membership plan advantageous. Another customer might almost never need circuit adjustments or aid cleanings and may do better paying a la carte.

Want Help With Your Hearing?

Great! Just call us at 310-540-4327 to schedule your no-obligation consult appointment.