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Joshua Parker, MA

Once I decided to follow in my father’s footsteps and pursue a career in audiology, I found myself fascinated by all there was to learn. Being around my father all those years was excellent preparation for my education — maybe that’s why I graduated first in my class from Cal State LA. But graduating first in my class was nothing compared to the satisfaction I receive each and every day I get to help one of my patients hear better.


Andrea Huttinger, MA

We are a family business in the truest sense.  Part of being a Parker was working in the office as a young adult;  filing, cleaning hearing aids, scheduling appointments, and so on.  While in College, I was determined to find a career, that did not include Audiology.  However, as with most of life’s lessons, I learned that Home is where the Heart is, and so was Audiology.  My father, Lee Parker, convinced me to enroll in an introduction to Audiology class, which I took begrudgingly.  Within the first week, I knew I found my calling.   I have been happily working beside both my Father and Brother, Josh Parker, helping California hear for 32 years. I hope to do it for many more.

Maryellen Brisson, Au.D.

I’ve worked in the hearing aid industry for over 30 years… Parker Hearing is by far one of the most knowledgeable and caring practices I have encountered.


Alicia Czuzak, MA

I worked over 15 years at L.A. County and USC Medical Center and after working here at Parker Hearing, I see why this place has it’s great reputation.

Susu Woodard, Au.D.

Susu Woodward is a trained audiologist and licensed hearing aid dispenser. She runs our San Pedro office and is highly professional while remaining empathetic to the hearing challenged.