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At the Parker Hearing Institute, we inform our customers up front about payment options. While it’s true that most insurance plans cover only the hearing test and not the hearing aids, we do our best to get you the hearing help you need at a good price. New patients tell us horror stories about other practices that wildly OVER charge on the devices, then give bad follow-up service for cleanings, adjustments and repairs.

We don’t do that. We get you GREAT prices on the aids, due to our buying history with big manufacturers. We can even finance them interest-free. We don’t try to sell you up to technology that doesn’t match your needs. We match your particular hearing challenges to the models that are appropriate. We even let you try those new aids for 15 days, risk free, to see if they work for you.

There are two things you pay for: the service and the devices. We get you the best prices on new quality aids. Our service is all this: testing, ear wax check, consultation, fitting the aids, ear canal molding, follow-up visits, settings adjustments, simple in-house repairs and periodic cleaning.

Our service is renowned as the very best, we treat you with empathy, dignity and professionalism. Our customers become like our family because we are interested in your hearing health, your challenges and your happiness.

We used to bundle the service and the devices into one price, as did everyone in our industry. In 2017 we started a new membership payment option called Premium Club Membership.

Premium Club Membership

Our customers have been asking for more flexible payment options on our services. In 2017 we announced our new membership plan, where $39.95 per month covers your hearing health needs. Membership includes these advantages: World-class audiological services, Annual hearing evaluations, No physician authorizations needed, Discounted ear molds, Recalibration of aids and circuits, Ear wax checks, Discounted repairs, Free loaners with repairs, Discounted repairs and accessories.

We offer three ways to pay for our services: the Membership plan above, Pay yearly in advance ($500.) or Pay as you go (a la carte).

Some of our many customers are high maintenance aid wearers in that they incur many repairs due to moisture damage, or their aids get damaged by pets or children, etc. These customers will find the Membership plan advantageous. Another customer might almost never need circuit adjustments or aid cleanings and may do better paying a la carte.

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