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Phonak Lunch and Demo Trial – September 12

On Thursday, September 12, Parker Hearing Institute is co-hosting a lunch-in event with Phonak at a restaurant on Western in San Pedro. We are offering a free lunch and hearing aid demo period. When you arrive, our Audiologist will custom fit hearing aids to maximize your hearing experience. These hearing aids will be yours to use for 15 days. Afterwards, the decision is yours whether or not to keep the aids.

This is a no pressure or obligation event. We only require some basic patient information, but we will not even take your credit card. How does that sound?

The only requirement for this event is to have a recent audiogram. The recent audiogram must be sent in a few days before the event. If you do not have a recent audiogram, you must get a hearing test BEFORE the event. This way, the Audiologist can better adjust the hearing aid to meet your need.

Call 310-540-4327 to register your spot today! Space is limited, but all intrested in hearing aid trials are welcome.

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