Demo Program

“People ask us all the time what the best hearing aid really is. The answer to this question is simple yet challenging at the same time. The answer is that discovering the best hearing aid is a process of personal discovery.

I like to talk about shoes to explain this concept to people. I have a size 11.5 foot, but not all 11.5 shoes fit me. For the past 30 years I have worn Asics because they fit my foot well. Skechers and Nike both make great athletic shoes, but neither fit my foot as well as Asics do. It was a matter of trying different brands to find what type of shoe fit my foot best.

The same thing applies to hearing aids. The one the fits you best will be THE BEST brand to you. There are six major manufacturers that make 95% of the world’s hearing aids. 

Most providers carry only one or two brands of hearing aids. These manufacturers are trained to sell technologies, promote lifestyles, and upsell to the most expensive model. 

We’d rather show you what a hearing aid is capable of so that you have the power to make a good consumer decision. Our core belief: given the correct information, and a real life experience with space and time, the patient will be able to make the decisions that are in their own best interest.”

– Josh Parker

At Parker Hearing, we are offering an exclusive DEMO PROGRAM:

  • Up to two devices can be demoed for free.
  • Each demoed device can be adjusted once after it is initially fit.
  • If someone wishes to be fit with more than two devices, there will be a service fee. 
  • This demo program is intended for purchase decisions, not loaners during repair.
  • We demo only the best devices from each manufacturer.

Demos are available for all the most recent circuits from all the major hearing aid manufacturers. This includes Oticon, Phonak, Widex, Signia, Resound, and Starkey. Click on the logos below to be brought to each manufacturer’s consumer website.

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Handshake Deal

Do you have a hearing aid that you’re not happy with? Have your current hearing aids preformed below your expectations and leave you feeling lackluster or disappointed? If so, come get a FREE hearing screening and readjust your aids so they are compatible with your hearing loss. This offer is risk free and pressure free. You are not obligated to buy new hearing aids, nor will we pressure you to buy some. We want to support you with what you are most comfortable with: your own hearing aids.

Here at Parker Hearing we believe in the capability of a good hearing aid. We believe that anyone can benefit from the proper assistive hearing device. With so many people complaining about hearing aids, we want to convince you otherwise and help you reclaim your life with the joys of sound.

Call for a consultation and ask for the Parker Hearing Handshake Deal. Let’s shake on it and work to improve your hearing in the long run.

We encourage our patients to research the circuits available and come to us with questions. We are happy to help with any and all of your hearing needs. Call today to schedule your appointment at either our Torrance or San Pedro offices. (310) 540 – 4327