Our Message

At Parker Hearing Institute, we take pride in speaking to you in plain, non-technical language about hearing loss, new technologies, the psychological aspects of hearing impairment, the industry, corporate medicine and even pricing issues. We are not afraid of the truth, and that shows in our many print ads and our in-office consultations.

We talk with all our customers about their particular hearing challenges, their lifestyle, their level of tech acceptance, their family’s concerns and their budgets. We make ourselves into experts so that we can find solutions in partnership with each customer.

Some persons want all the technical info on new circuits, we provide it. Some want to know why their hearing aid works at home but not at restaurants, so we discuss crowd noise issues, reverberating surfaces and custom filter presets.

Each person has a very unique hearing loss, as indicated by their audiogram, which shows which frequencies they are missing and at what volumes. Then again, each person has different hearing challenges: one woman is still in the workplace attending meetings and seminars, another person mostly stays at home watching shows and taking phone calls. Each activity presents unique hearing challenges, as you might imagine.

Successful hearing health involves ongoing adjustments to gain and EQ settings, usually needing more power as the hearing deteriorates over the years, preset filters for different ambient challenges, and even talking with the family about better communication tactics.

This is a people business, it takes empathy mixed with expertise to successfully help you hear better. It is fulfilling, also, to see our customers’ social lives and attitudes improve. We take our customers smiles as an important part of our practice. We want to help you.

Want Help With Your Hearing?

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