Hearing Loss Videos

Hearing Aids Recent History

Audiologist Lee Parker PhD explains the history of hearing aids since the 1960s, very informative!

Parker Family History

Dr. Parker reveals how his personal history, being raised in a deaf family, influences his practice in audiology and helping the hearing impaired.

All About In-The-Ear Hearing Aids

A quick overview and description of In the Ear hearing aids by William Lee Parker PhD.

How Your Attitude Relates to Your Hearing Aids

Audiologist Lee Parker PhD explains how your attitude relates to your hearing aids.

Parker Hearing Technology

Josh Parker of Parker Hearing Center explains the role of technology in the field of audiology.

Dementia and Hearing Loss

Audiologist William Lee Parker PhD explains that hearing loss in the elderly often gets confused for dementia. Be on the lookout!

Cautionary Tale About Bait and Switch

William Lee Parker PhD cautions us on some unethical tactics among hearing aid dispensers.

Youth and Hearing Aids in the 21st Century

Employee Sunny Mendoza talks about being young and wearing hearing aids.

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