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Are You Ready to Hear Better Again in California?

The hearing loss that you may be experiencing isn’t just personally disappointing – it can actually be damaging to your quality of life in a variety of different ways.

Hearing loss can begin to negatively affect your life in a large number of different ways. In the beginning, you might find yourself continually getting embarrassed when you watch television in a group because everyone can hear the audio but you. You might find it difficult to enjoy some of your favorite songs or albums or watch some of your favorite movies. You might make embarrassing mistakes at work or find your family and friends are constantly repeating themselves.

Instead of feeling down or hoping that the problem will go away, contact the Parker Hearing Institute today. Our trained and passionate professionals will offer you hope and help with your hearing issues.

What Our Patient’s Have to Say

“I had a meet with Susan in Seal Beach. She did a great job giving me a hearing test both without my old aids and with them.After the test she explained the outcome and informed me that I did not need new aids because the old ones were working perfectly fine. I sincerely appreciate the time she spent with me to answer my questions. She was very thorough and kind.”

– Phyllis Mackay

“I am so glad that my parents brought me to you so many years ago when nothing was available to help me. Now today, years later, I sit with you so often, with you going out of your way, dealing with my tears, fears and all that emotion. I just wanted you to know that all your hard work and effort with me is appreciated…. You are the best!! Thanks for all you do for me”

– Susan Clark

“Thank you for your generous service. My hearing aid has been invaluable for my many meetings. Now I don’t have to ask the person sitting next to me “What did she say?!” You have, indeed, been a blessing to me. May this Easter Season be filled with peac”

– Sister Constance

Turn Down the Buzz, Turn Up the Clarity

You’ll instantly feel better that you don’t have to “bother” others and ask them to repeat things that they may have already said multiple times. You also won’t feel like your family and friends are getting frustrated whenever they try to speak with you, even if they weren’t in the first place. You’ll also have an easier time enjoying the finer moments in life. You’ll be able to tune into your favorite program on television and hear things absolutely clearly without needing to turn the volume up too loud and disturb other people who may be in your house.

You can visit the Parker Hearing Institute for:

  • Your hearing test
  • Your new hearing aids and accessories
  • Helpful assistive listening devices and wireless technology
  • Help with hearing loss prevention

We’re ready to help you out with whatever you happen to need. We want to help you discover just what you’ve been missing. Get started today with your hearing test. Pick up the phone and call the Parker Hearing Institute.

Meet the Parkers

Josh Parker is the father of two kids. He enjoys camping, fishing, swimming, surfing, hiking and (most importantly) watching his two kids compete in soccer games. He’s a kind individual and also a bit of a goofball. He’s outgoing, irreverent and likes to have fun – all of which are qualities that make him absolutely perfect for taking over the practice. He’s a family man first and foremost and considers his patients to be some of the most important family members of all.

Lee is the child of deaf adults and enjoys RVing, camping, fishing and making fun of the grandkids. They have ten grandkids total. A family tradition involves taking them each on a two to three week trip by themselves whenever another grandchild graduates from the eighth grade. Lee is outgoing and is absolutely not afraid to express an opinion when it is warranted.

Not only do they both participate in community lectures on a regular basis but they also write a regular column for the local newspaper called “Ask the Parkers.”

You shouldn’t waste another moment feeling depressed or embarrassed about hearing loss, which is an issue that millions of Americans face on a daily basis. Instead, take steps to do something about it by contacting Parker Hearing Institute today.

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